i want to buy something

@ceppy68 (1594)
June 8, 2007 3:37am CST
if i want to buy something but i can not it by cash except only debt , how about your opinion
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@livewyre (2455)
21 Jun 07
I have been in debt and I just HATE it... You will be much happier if you can avoid debt all together. It just mounts up until it becomes unmanageable.. If you can possibly avoid it - DON'T DO IT!!! The only exception would be if you wanted to buy a house or something that was going to earn you money... What is it that you want??
@latsmom (824)
20 Jun 07
I think it is better to save up for something rather than to get into debt for it, If it not a necessity then I would definately not get credit for it. You find that credit seems good at the time but you do not wnat to enter into an agreement that leaves you short every week or month for the next 3 years for a passing fad.
@Zorrogirl (1481)
• South Africa
8 Jun 07
My choice would be to save up for it. debt is very dangerous. find out what the instalment would be if you did buy it on credit,then dont take it. save the exact amount as your instalment would have been. you will have enough quicker than you think. my motto is, if you got along fine without it until now, a few months extra wont make a difference.