Is doing yoga better than working out in the Gym

@shan_ab (377)
June 8, 2007 3:56am CST
What is good for the body as well as soul.. DOing yoga exercises or going to the gym.. I am not doing both, but go for walks outside.. I would like to learn yoga, but just wanted to know your opinion.. Which one is better for a fit body and mind..
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• Pakistan
8 Jun 07
I don't know what is better as i am not into yoga but as i love to be in gym so i can say gym is the best place to go for you body workout and as for yoga i think you can have the perfect body but gym will give you strength and perfect body all together.
@shan_ab (377)
• India
8 Jun 07
Hi thanks for the comment.. But I heard that yoga has the element of meditation also which will soothe your mind
• India
28 Jun 07
body building in gym and yoga is different. in gym,,the muscles r pumped out. but in yoga, nerves get relaxed and relaxes d whole body
• India
27 Jun 07
For body buiding going to gym is the best option.I think yogic techniques purify your body and mind.It is very difficult to get a good yoga guru.If you practice kundalini yoga,you can attain cosmic power.But practicing such yogas with out a proper guru is very dangerous.I think simple mediation method is good for us than practicing, difficult yogic method.
@Katagiri (426)
• Brazil
24 Jun 07
You should do both. You should take care of mind and body, so, do Yoga and gym exercises.
• United States
8 Jun 07
I think that going to the gym is better exercise in terms of building muscle or cardio fitness, but yoga is so relaxing and some poses are pretty difficult and good for building strength and flexibility. My favorite exercises are yoga and swimming.
@oasis_9 (833)
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
I'd love to know yoga if given the chance but i'm doing neither of the two...