Do you like to eat the skin of Oranges.

June 8, 2007 8:17am CST
I like it very much.First i wash the skin throughly and then cut it in to small pieces and mix with sugar.I think skin contains more protiens.
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• Singapore
13 Jun 07
Do you mean oranges are in that fruit oranges? Oh gosh, holy no lol! I don't eat the skin. I thought it is bitter and I am not even sure it is completely edible. Eating the preserved orange peel skin is a bit different.. but I have never tried eating the raw skin of oranges.
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@asmurthy (2464)
• India
17 Jun 07
The orange peel has a great source of Vitamin K... so if your a bleeder this helps. Been eating this since I've been young along with kale for Vitamin K, suggested by doctor.
@dentidle (293)
• Switzerland
13 Jun 07
No i dont like to eat them. But i dry them up, powder them, mix with honey and apply on my face. After washing off my orange peel mask, i feel damn fresh. Not the exact reply to your question thou.
@senthil2k (1501)
• India
13 Jun 07
Its quite a strange and new information to me. I have never heard it before or tried before. May be I can try that here after. Are you really sure that it tastes good ? Because the juice of the Orange skin just irritates your eyes. Dont you think so ?
• India
13 Jun 07
I didnt tried it before. And I dont want to try it. Bcoz I dont like the smell of orange skin but i like to eat orange and like it's smell.Ya u r right, it's skin contains more protiens. Thats y, I extract the juice of it(orange skin) and apply it to my face and hands, when I ate oranges. But dont like to eat it.
@elisa812 (3033)
• United States
11 Jun 07
I never eat the skin of my oranges. I have to admit, I tried it before, but I really didn't like the taste of it. It just tasted very bitter to me. Maybe if it was mixed up with something else though, like you mentioned, then I might like it better.
@Manoj_s (939)
• India
9 Jun 07
What i have learned is that what ever skin we eat will be useful for our skin also.lot of thinks contains in the skins of fruits which is very useful to builf our healthy skin.but most people remove theses skins in fruits and eat there by loosing lot of elements suitable for the next time when u eat a apple ,mango,orange eat the whole fruit .but i am wondering can i eat the whole banana?