Do you like moody faces, or smiling faces?

Cheer up! - ...It might never happen. Moody youth in late '70s London.
United Kingdom
June 10, 2007 8:32am CST
Most people like to see others smiling. Smiles cheer up our day and make us feel so good, especially beautiful ones, and there are many of those; and yet, so many of the world's leading icons (Elvis; James Dean &c.) are known for their brooding, moody stares, to say nothing of models, both male and female. Which do you like, those heavy-lidded stares; or radiant smiling faces?
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• India
10 Jun 07
obviously smiling faces. wen u see ppl smiling evn u feel lik giving a smile atleast 4 a sec. and it is also said tht u require less amnt of muscles to smile thn to be angry! so keep smiling :-)
• United Kingdom
11 Jun 07
• Philippines
10 Jun 07
I prefer smiling faces. when you see a smiling face specially at the beginning of the day, your day will probably turn out right. and will help you smile too..
@kykidd (6820)
• United States
10 Jun 07
I definitely like smiling faces. Those serious stares just aren't attractive. Humans in general tend to smile when smiled at. Try it, it even works with babies.