Is there,any scientific method to prove the existence of God

June 12, 2007 6:27am CST
Science can give a correct answer to my question?.Every one is serching for the God.Is it possible to see the God?Then what is the shape and relegion of the God.Is he or she a christian,hindu or a muslim.
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• India
12 Jun 07
Hi Sreenivas, science is somewhat different with GOD. we have to search for love of God but not God. Because we can feel His love but not Him. we are not able to see Him but we can see what He is doing with us, we can see His deeds.Yes we can see Him, when we do all good deeds to the needy on earth, then we can see Him in the heaven.(If there is a Earth where humans live, then there will also be a heaven where GOD will take particular care of us as a mother cares for her children). There is no shape and religion for God.
• United States
12 Jun 07
Science and religion really dont mix well together. There is no scientific proof, that I know of that God really exists. You either believe in God or you dont. I also dont think all these different religions that claim their god is the one and only god is the right approach. If I am not mistaken Jesus preached in the belief of one god and one god only. I think all the bickering that goes on among religions is ridiculous.