License Plate Theft On The Rise!!!!!!

@loujac3 (1188)
United States
June 12, 2007 10:59am CST
HEADS UP ALERT!!!! Yesterday, my co-worker came up to me and told me his front license plate was missing. Well, this hit the panic button! I told him to report it DMV and DOT since this is the craze in the latest gas war tactics. He had to leave work immediately to go to the police dept. since his credibility was in danger. People are really taking the front license plates off cars and using them on their own plate to go to the gas station. While the attendant is busy with other customers, the thief will disconnect the hose, get into his car and drive away. Since it isn't his/her own plate, the culprit doesn't worry about the photo of his own plate or the IDing of his plate since it isn't his/hers. They get away with a tank of gas. Kind of like the equivalent of gold. This is no hoax! This happened in the Ashland, Oregon area on 06/11/07. Check your car several times a day for that missing plate or you will be getting a call or a visit from the police dept. Heads Up!
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