2012 End of World ! 5 Years and 193 days left! Will we survive after 2012?

@rinaaus (1203)
June 13, 2007 6:19am CST
Just read one article about 2012. The Maya believed that our world would end on Dec,21 2012. Of all the dates put forth by prophets and cultures for a doomsday, this is one with an authentic almost eerie feel to it. But what will happen? A global cataclysm is one possibility. You can read more here: http://www.2012.com.au/Site.A.html If it is true, we have not much time to live huh? 5 years 193 days. My son is just 5 year olds. However, the siencetists still look for a proof that thing will happen in 2012.
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@xParanoiax (6998)
• United States
14 Jun 07
Well..if we look at the mayan's prophecy in it's most basic terms: Shift of awareness, thinking coming to our peak in potential (which only some big even tcould bring about* an age influenced by fear and love everything changin And then us reaching the outcome of our race's actions by 2012. Now..if we look at what's actually happening in our world now..with Real ID, Smart Cards, RFID technology and what they plan to do about it..the Patriot Acts and Terrorist Prevention Acts..and acts like them. How martial law could be declared in the U.S., NWO, N.A.U. (North American Union..which is basically the start of the plan to make our world eventually one nation), how our government's built internment camps and no longer really care about our rights...and all of the other various subjects and details to this stuff..I think it's pretty safe to say the Mayan's coulda had it right. Down pegged for us. They say that, they had 2012 as a blank slate..meaning that whatever happened then would be completely up to us. Whatever we did would determine how things would be. I think that's perfectly plausible. Many prophecies have been wrong before when setting dates, but it is a very ancient prophecy..and granted our current situation with the worlds..and the numerous other prophecies pegged to that single year..it might be probable and it might true. Whether the world ends or not, we're going to have some serious and difficult times ahead.
@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
13 Jun 07
In a word, no, rinaaus. Interesting bit of Mayan history, but not necessarily the Future News broadcast. I don't discount the ancient cultures, many of which seem to have done much more thinking than this one, but as someone once said, scriptures can be quoted for other purposes. Like for selling products. Any scriptures. Just one other thing, but important: colloidal silver is a low level trace element, and its therapeutic value is debatable. Silver oxide is extremely toxic. ****Don't, anyone, put silver in food****, as suggested in this site, where it can oxidize due to acidity. The only likely health benefit is a visit to a hospital.
@mari_skye (1638)
• Philippines
13 Jun 07
If this prophecy is true, then well and good. At least we can still have time to prepare ourselves to our impending demise and make the most of our remaining five years and few more days. Hahahahha.... that is looking at it with optimism and still assuming that it IS true. It is not everyday that we know when we are going to die, right? For me though, I think it is not when we are going to die, because nobobody can really predict this kind of thing. I think of it is more of being prepared. That feeling wherein, you are willing to die this minute because you have accomplished everything you set out to do. Or you have lived your life to the fullest you could not ask for more.
@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
13 Jun 07
I have also come across such a prediction about the end of this universe . But I am a bit doubtful about this because the notion is not founded on sound scientific proof . It's a wild guess , I suppose ?