Vengeance 2007

June 15, 2007 5:38pm CST
John Cena, Vs Randy Orton Vs Mick Foley Vs Bobby Lashley Vs King Booker I would personaly like to see either Bobby Lashley or Mick Foley to win, the reason why is, it is getting boring Seeing Cena with the title and Bobby Lashley is a 2 time world Champ as well, also he will make a good WWE Champ as well as increasing his championship record, and he is tough competiton for the other guys as well as Cena. Id like to see Mick Foley as WWE Champ otherwise as he is a Hardcore Legend and havent competed in about a year, where he quit in a match against Ric Flair. I think he is pretty cool and would cement his legacy even further, and would be cool for a change instead of seeing Cena as champ.. Who do you think sould get it and why? You can choose 2 people if u wish, but describe why u would like to see them as champ?
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@babostwick (2037)
• United States
16 Jun 07
I don't see Foley winning to be quite honest. It would be nice to see that but it's like I don't think he has a chance at all since it seems everytime he shows up for a match, he gets beat more often than not. I could see possibly Lashley get a run if they desire to give Cena a break with the belt. Orton I don't see getting it at least not yet again. Despire the issues he has, I don't feel he's quite up there to be a WWE Champion. Yes, I'm aware he held the World Heavyweight Title but I don't think he should have gotten it either. King Booker I don't see getting it. He had his run as World Heavyweight Champion and I think that's all there going with him to be quite honest. I wouldn't mind that so much as I think he's not that bad and should get the WWE Title just to say he held that title. Cena is the odds on favorite to win the match. He's a hard worker but I think it is time for him to lose the belt but the problem is if there's not a lot of heels or faces to challenge for the belt, Cena is right now the only one logically to hold the belt. Though with some of the moves, the title can switch around a little bit and show that anyone else can hold that belt.
17 Jun 07
I agree, and Ric Flair is older, but he should get a big title, I do disagree Foley shouldnt get 1, he should, but it is unlikely. I would like to see Lashley get it, as seeing Cena with it is, getting boring.
16 Jun 07
Mick Foley.... A true great, with a true role. I'm not into watching wrestling now but I would love to watch cena get beat down. ~Joey
@shyamlal (3538)
• India
15 Jun 07
Randy Ortan or booker-t(not king booker)should win it..Foley is too old to be a champion..thats the only reason against him..otherwise he is the best..Any way it should never be Cena or Lashley
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
15 Jun 07
This looks to be a pretty good pay per view I like the idea of night of champions where every match will be a championship match. I hope Edge wins im not ready to see batista as champion again I would really like it if he went to mid carder for awhile. As for the WWE Championship if John Cena wins I will be so pissed off it wont even be funny cause that means hes beaten everyone and I think people will hate him more now. I would like to see ric flair face mvp for the united states championship it would be good to see those to have a match and I dont know who I would like to see face for the inter continentl championship.