Single & so glad!!!

United States
June 17, 2007 12:41am CST
I just got out of *yet another* nasty relationship. Honestly, I think I'm much happier alone. It would be nice to really connect with someone, to have a True Partnership. But as for now, I am quite happy alone. It's nice to just sit down & do what I want... or take a walk... or talk with friends... or just spend time with my son & the pets ... and not have to worry about entertaining the spouse. Or making him dinner. Or begging & pleading with him to get a job... or do the dishes... or mow the lawn. Or for god's sake, to learn about Basic Personal Hygiene. Like brushing his teeth, taking a bath, and putting on some gosh-daRned deodorant. Maybe I'm just too daRned selfish to be in a relationship. But looking back at my 4 or 5 major relationships, I see some very nasty patterns. And I think it would be nice to just take a break for awhile & focus on myself, my son & my goals & things that I need to accomplish. My husband was crying & all that crap. But I just want to get on with my life. The funny part is that after he cried & told me that we "need counseling" ~ he said that he's not going to "wait around" for me & that I shouldn't expect him to. Well, duh!!! I asked him to LEAVE. I do NOT want to be with him anymore. And honestly ~ I don't think he "waited around" for me when we were still TOGETHER!!! At any rate, thanks for listening. My main point here was to hopefully find other independent people to chat with... ppl who don't feel a real need to be in a relationship... and have goals & things that they really want to accomplish. Please write if you're like this! Thanks, Gwen *******
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• United States
23 Jun 07
I justed wanted to wish you good luck in this new phase of your life. Enjoy it to the fullest extent :)
• China
21 Jun 07
thank very much
@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
17 Jun 07
Hi...I too am a single mom...I have been this way on and off for nine I love it! At tmes it does get lonley, but it's well worth it! I get to spend all of my time with my kids, who mean more to me than life itself. When I am in a relationship it is hard because I already have three kids to take care of,having a bf causes more stress in my life! I love men don't get me wrong! But at this point in my life, I feel that I am better off being alone. I have enough stress to deal with & I don't feel that having a bf will actually benefit me, more like drive me guess I am just tired of the same old nonsense that comes along with a relationship and I have decided to stay single until I feel once again, that the time is right:)
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
17 Jun 07
I know how you feel I think when I have been in a relationship I have spent a lot more time crying, maybe I expect too much I don't know, I am a freedom lover I must admit and in the past I have found I was the one always giving up things and friends andgoing their way all the time...sometimes I think freedom is a blessing.