Do you think teenage girls know enough about dating?

June 17, 2007 2:03am CST
What I mean here is if you agree that teenaged girls can handle a relationship before forming their personality. I see a lot of girls dating not the right guys and they think it's really cool,but still they don't know how to act in these sityations. Do they have more to learn before that?
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17 Jun 07
It really depends on the girl. Saying "teenage girls" is way to general. I started dating my boyfriend when i was 14, we're now 18 and still together. I love him more than anything and i think as we have grown older we have changed together. My personality is pretty well formed and i think it's unfair to assume that teenagers aren't as capable of having a loving long term relationship as others. I know a lot of older people who know a lot less about dating than people four years my junior.
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• Bulgaria
18 Jun 07
Ok, I see I didn't mention age above. What I meant was girls aged 13-14 and I see your point:)
@xParanoiax (6998)
• United States
17 Jun 07
Well, whether they can handle it or not depends mostly on how well their parents raised them and how well they've handled all the other events in their lives up to that point. Having relationships as a teenager is part of learning, most don't that's what they tend to be, learning experience. Heaven forbid we save them from a little awkwardness, even if we discard learning's sake lol ^_^
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@doctorul (1063)
• Romania
17 Jun 07
O yes!
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