jus broke up with my boyfriend... any help..???

@anita212 (117)
June 19, 2007 10:08am CST
i jus' broke up with my boyfriend so iam a lil' peeved bout the whole thing n i donna how ta deal with my emotions... iam feelin' very 'stuck'... i cant seem ta do anythin' normal... iam feelin really guilty...n lot weird stuff.. i cant even explain... can someone jus help... me.. plz.. i jus wanna function normally like i useed ta...!!!
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@thefuture (1750)
• Nigeria
20 Jun 07
You see friend, I don't really know why you broke up with your boy friend (was he cheating on you or what?). Try to get yourself involve in activities that will take your mind away from having those feelings. Eventhough am 22 and am yet to be into relationship. I have little experience on it cos I have been close with those who're involve in it. Try to put yourself in postion, eventhough its not easy. Thanks, take care of yourself and have a nice day.
@anita212 (117)
22 Jun 07
yea thanks i hope i get over it...!! ~~~~
@pallidyne (858)
• United States
19 Jun 07
Normal is going to be a little ways away. This is one of those things that is going to take a little bit of time to get your equilibrium back from. Just give yourself a little time to recover and you'll be yourself in not that long a time.
@anita212 (117)
22 Jun 07
yea thanks... ~~~~