Would you quit if you didn't have another job?

@breepeace (3027)
June 19, 2007 6:50pm CST
Say you had a job you absolutely despised. Aside from the money, which is only mediocre, there's nothing keeping you there. The job stresses you out so much that your hair is literally falling out. You have a small bit of money in savings that you can access that would get you through for the next month, and there are TONS of job openings in your area due to a big boom in the economy, you just have to apply? You also work from 8 until 5, Monday to Friday, and can't make an interview for most of the jobs you'd love to have because they want to interview you while you would still be at work. And you can't take a day off because there are no paid sick days available and your work is so busy, you'd surely get canned for taking an unpaid personal day when they are so swamped. Would you put in your 2 weeks notice, even though you have nothing lined up?
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@nioj22 (29)
• United States
19 Jun 07
If you really have the work experience where you can put in you're resume, why not? if there's a lot of job openings and w/ good pay, so take the risk if its worth! Why stay longer in the the company when you're not happy in it.
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• United States
20 Jun 07
This is something I have already done! Let me start by saying I had a dream job that I would never have left. I was a "Performance Consultant" and my job was to fly around the United States finding retailer's that had a problem. I would go to their work and interview them finding the problems they were facing. I would go back to my office and put together a team of 5 to 6 people and develop a training program that would eliminate the pain and problems. I then would go back and train the organization. This was my dream job until 9-11. I was down sized without a job. This is where the story begins... I moved to Colorado and applied for a job. I got it right away, the only problem was it was less then half of what I was making at my dream job and the hours were starting at 6AM to 5PM (if I was lucky) My boss was the boss from hell, giving orders and complaining about everything I did. I worked for six months and finally one day my boss came into my office to give me more feedback and more demands for the day. After she was finished I asked if she could sit for a minute as I had something to say! My mind was racing as I thought, "What are you doing?" I had no clue what I was saying except I knew I had to say something. I took a deep breathe and said... "Its been an interesting six months, but I think I am ready for a change!" What? I thought! Then I realized I really couldn't work there any longer as it was distroying my life. I was always angry, depressed, and thinking about work even on my time off. Now I only had less then $1,000 in the bank and no job in mind and a girl friend that was going to be extremly unhappy. I left and never looked back! I took a job on the night crew for Target and worked during the day in another job. Now... I have the best boss in the world! He respects me and gives me total control in everything I do. He lets me come in when I want and leave when I wish. I can do anything and he will never get mad at me. You see my boss is ME!
@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
20 Jun 07
I should make sure thats I have a new job before I quit the previous. i dont want to be a burden to other people sepcially to my family. I want to make sure that i will still be able to provide them with their needs.
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