What are your goals in life

June 20, 2007 8:27am CST
What are the steps you are taking to achieve your goal in life, do you have a good support team? Goals can be hard to accomplish but once you make it your priority then you will certainly acheive what yu set out for. My goal is to become a chemical engineer and with determination and strong will power I will accomplish what I'm set out for. This go back to planning. So tell me do you have and goal, whats your goal and how far in it you are?
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• United States
20 Jun 07
My #1 goal right now is to graduate from graduate school with my MS in marketing and get a job that I enjoy going to everyday and pays a decent salary. The program I am in typically hires students out at around $62,000 and that would be GREAT for someone just out of college and living on their own without having to share with a family. LOL. I completed my undergrad work with honors, and now I'm in a marketing program at a big university. Another goal I have is to continue to show people how they can earn some pretty decent supplemental income online each month. By showing them I build relationships with people and then later allow them to participate, help me with, etc. more profitable ventures that are continuing to bring success stories. Nice topic. It was good to see something other than someone spamming a referral link!