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@amaine (2037)
June 20, 2007 7:28pm CST
I personally do not know whether I should believe in horoscopes or not. Sometimes, it happens that whatever is written in my daily horoscope, it happens. :) Anyway, you might wanna know what your horoscope for today is. (--,) ARIES: If things feel as though they’re a little stagnant today then introduce a little flair into your daily routine. Even if you can’t manufacture some excitement into the day you can certainly introduce a little fun this evening. Invite some like-minded friends and that jaded feeling will fade! TAURUS: An offer of help is likely to go a long, long way today, Taurus, and it could lead to the development of a good friendship. If you’re planning an evening with friends out then extend the invitation to a new or shy person who isn’t normally a part of your social circle! GEMINI: The moon in Virgo indicates a need for a tidy, streamlined environment. Clutter and junk will only stress you out and slow you down, so invest a couple of hours in clearing out anything you just don’t need any more. Go to the mall afterwards and treat yourself to something for your home or room! CANCER: You’re likely to be torn between two different courses of action today: you’ll either be a little too critical of others, or a little too soft-hearted, and maintaining a middle-of-the-road approach will be easier said than done. A piece of amber will help restore a little balance! LEO: You’re naturally fun-loving and usually hate being bored; unfortunately the planets are lining up one of those humdrum days at a point where your cash reserves are fairly low. Spending lots of money to alleviate a demanding day is not an option; nor is cutting any corners! VIRGO: Don’t feel too guilty if you realize that you could do with a little time and space to yourself today. Someone might lay a bit of a guilt trip on you for this, but are they being reasonable? Take the phone off the hook, and settle down in front of a good movie; you deserve it! LIBRA: Today’s planetary line-up is likely to have you feeling a little deflated and a little lethargic today. If it feels like nothing is going according to plan then take a second look, because you’ll find that progress is being made. Keep a piece of green jade with you to help generate an optimistic approach! SCORPIO: It seems that for the last couple of days you have thrown yourself into work or school. Being motivated and ambitious is great, but even an indomitable Scorpio needs a break every once in a while. The weekend is still a long way away, so arrange a much needed midweek break with friends! SAGITTARIUS: As with Libra you will find it difficult to get motivated today; unfortunately today is likely to require a motivated and conscientious approach. Organize a little reward for yourself after you’ve plodded through your workload: a trip to the mall or an evening out might give you the impetus you need right now! CAPRICORN: Communications are heavily aspected today, thanks to the moon in Virgo. Contacts, letters, emails and texts should be responded to straight away, but beware of misunderstandings; it might be that someone’s good intentions are misinterpreted – be a ‘bottle- half-full’ person today! AQUARIUS: As one of the most independent signs you’re not usually one for blending in with everyone else, but today the planets are pointing towards the need for teamwork and joint efforts. The old saying: many hands make light work; will make a great deal of sense today! PISCES: Matters of the heart are likely to dominate the day today, with you needing to be perhaps a little less unassuming and a little less modest. Be proud of your accomplishments or talents; draw attention to them, especially if you want someone to sit up and take notice of you!
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@ctrymuziklvr (11059)
• United States
21 Jun 07
My horoscope sign - My Cancer horoscope sign.
I seldom read my horoscope though I know that I am a true Cancer. No matter where I read about my sign it fits me like a glove. Any day that I open the newspaper to glance at a horoscope I will always end up saying...yup that happened or did whatever the case is. Some people are really into but I'm not one of them...although I do believe in it.
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
21 Jun 07
Yep. I know there are really some people that even consults some experts about their star signs. I really do not know if they are true but most of the time whatever is in my horoscope is happens to me.
• Malaysia
3 Jul 07
Lol... after reading the horoscope of mine which is Gemini, I do think that it makes sense after all! I do have a lot of junk that makes me stressed out and I do have to clear them out so that only the neat and tidy things I would look into. yeah, treating myself with going to the mall is the thing that I really look forward to. maybe there is some coincidence in the prediction of horoscrope. Actually I read it just for fun, and it really makes me laugh and entertained even if I don't believe it. Have a nice day.