why you want to have stable job?

@kilayko (170)
June 21, 2007 6:23pm CST
the reason why I really want to have stable job is b'coz I want to save money for myself to go back to school.Secondly my priority is my parents and my two little sister I need to help them alleviate from the status I dont really want to have from my future life and to help my two sister to have better future life and reach the goals in thier life.then my especial someone that we have a planned for our future.
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@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
21 Jun 07
Yes of course, its always a need of man to have a stable job for the family and to be able to provide the needs of the family.
@kilayko (170)
• Philippines
22 Jun 07
yes that is true that the man is needed to have a stable job and provide for the family.But while you are in the status of single you have to practice also work and that is for your own good.b'coz time will come you have savings and you planned to have business or franchise a popular restaurant you have enough money for that to stand.and time also will come you marry with a popular businessman that can be better b'coz both partners have own savings so the guy or man you marry everything you want he can provide and you also as a wife if you want something to buy or especial present for your husband things you can buy that makes him happy and of course the future child you want things needed was provided.that is why for while I'm not in the situation of difficulties work,I know someday that my husband to be very provider the needs of his family.