Do you prefer paying cash or with credit/ debit card?

June 22, 2007 7:11am CST
I recently read in a colum about managing one's finances that it is much better to pay cash because this way you won't spend so much (as it hurts a little seeing all that money you're giving to the cashier). I understand that this is true to a certain extend, especially when you have dollar bills of a higher value (like $50) in your wallet - you just don't want it to disappear so quickly! On the other hand, I really don't like running to an ATM every two days, plus I like the bonus points I accumulate when paying with my credit card. How do you usually pay for your acquisitions, and why?
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@jmicy1029 (197)
• China
22 Jun 07
cash,maybe.I donot like to take credit card around,cause that lost it means everything is lost.
• Germany
22 Jun 07
True, but a debit card would work, right?
• Malaysia
15 Mar 10
hie dodoinmilano, i prefer paying by credit card no matter how small the amount as long as the outlet allows me. why, many reasons. i buy the items that are on my shopping list, meaning i have budget for them. i bought them and pay by credit card. i have the receipts to record my expenses till the monthly statement comes where i do a checking on the billing.normally its no interest charge for 21 days or so depending on the due billing date. payment by credit cards give you bonus / reward points to exchange goods or there is the point program system which is good. i can change the points for cash vouchers for food etc. at other times, using credit cards we can enter competition run by the credit card companies etc. credit card payment is good if you are in control and dont let the card control you. right.