@bgerig (1259)
United States
June 22, 2007 8:50pm CST
What has been your greatest experience by working at home? What has surprised you the most? What has been the greatest disappointment in working at home?
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@sizzle3000 (3040)
• United States
28 Jun 07
I do not work at home. I do not work at all. I just play on the computer and make a little money. I also go shopping and save more money. I cook great meals for my family and am home to make sure everything runs right. I do not consider anything I do actual work but I am sure in some ways it is. I do not get paid but I have a very happy family and that is more important to me than money.
• United States
1 Jul 07
I've been working from home for the past 2.5 years. I started out doing freelance work for my webmaster neighbor, mostly uploading products to his clients' online stores. Then I acquired one of his clients and am solely her webmaster (but I refer to my neighbor for some of the harder techy stuff!). I also have two other clients who are more friends than anything, but who do pay me for building their sites and maintaining them. I also own my own online store. The sales are still few and far between, but that is typically how online stores go ... it can take a year or two for them to get rolling. Also depends on your niche. Greatest experience: With having fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue and a damaged lower back, I love not having to be on other person's schedule. I can relax when I need to (and when I want to), get up and move around, walk the dog, do some dishes, take a quick nap ... whatever I need and want to do throughout my work day. This is beneficial for my health more than anything. Surprised me the most?: The amount of people who do not take online businesses as seriously as they do offline businesses. This mostly concerns the owners themselves. They think just because their business is online, it will run itself. NO WAY! I work HARD and long hours just on my store. Then the long hard hours for my clients! I probably work more hours online than I would at a brick/mortar business. I work every day of the week to get everything done. I need to pay the bills. So, I run my businesses seriously. Greatest disappointment: Not having the same success as others. This pertains mostly to my online store. Not having the sales come in faster than expected after being opened just over a year now. But, I have faith in myself, my abilities, and the future! Great discussion, bgerig!
24 Jun 07
Well I work both at home and away. The best thing is be able to be closer to my son, it's easier for me to see him grown and take part a lot more. Nothing has surprised me really, ~Joey
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• Philippines
23 Jun 07
I've been working as a freelance designer on some freelance sites on the internet. I earn much more compared to working here in our place. Although working at home requires total self-discipline and strategy, I had manage myself to focus on my different projects online and gets my time to relax by playing games etc. I love working at home because in this kind of job, YOU ARE THE BOSS! lol :)
@kalav56 (11503)
• India
19 Oct 07
My greatest experience by working at home was the way I connected with unknown people in the net and rendered my services on a freelance basis. The greatest surprise was my own resourcefulness and ability to earn a few dollars through the internet. My greatest disappointment was the way in which I had to adopt immense patience and resilience in collecting those dollars.
@liji0989 (232)
• China
19 Oct 07
l love working at home,how fast things change on net.when i see someone joining my discussion,how excited i am.