Will an actor make a good Head of State or President of a country?

@1qazxsw2 (512)
June 25, 2007 1:17am CST
Or even a politician? Altho my country has no actor-politician or head of state yet.. I wonder how you feel about this? Will they make good decisions for you? Will you listen to them as a leader or as an actor?
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@asmurthy (2464)
• India
25 Jun 07
In India two actors have become head of state. Many actors have become Members of parliament and members of state legeslatve assembly. In america Regan was an actor. I think many people have become governors and held many posts.
@rsa101 (16645)
• Quezon City, Philippines
25 Jun 07
We do had one president who was a former actor and a very famous one. He rose to power starting from a mayor of a small town in the metropolis and then he ran for the senate and won. After a brief stint in the senate he tried running for the presidency and won unamimously. Unfortunately when he won the highest office in the land, he was eventually used by other powerful people from around his inner circle and eventually was put down to power by another opposing political group. He was put down by People Power and right now he is being heard in court on multi-million corruption case. The ruling government is trying to really put him down but there are other loyalist who try to save him. Right now, politics in my country is as bad as it was before. Having an actor politician could do some good though. If we would look into President Reagan he did made some good to his country and the world as he started to put down the iron curtain that Russia had, he was able to start the end of the cold war happening during his term. Although right now we are seeing another start of cold war brewing aside. I believe it really depends on his capability no matter what he or she is capable of and is strong enough to repel any attempts to lure him/her away from his real objectives and goal as president.
• United States
25 Jun 07
I think that if someone can take the job seriously and nothing more than a glorified publicity stunt, then I believe there would be a lot of merit in having a serious contender for the presidency or leadership of a country be an actor or actress. They are very eloquent and could get people to undderstand a little better the policies and procedures that the president must go through. With an actor or actress being a world leader, I think it would be more important for the person to surround themselves with strong personalities and give their help to the person. Our country had Ronald Reagan as a president, and he was one of the better presidents that the United States has ever had.