Do you like to just go shopping to look or do you have to have a mission?

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
June 26, 2007 5:22am CST
I like to just walk through stores and see what they have on sale and such but time usually limits me on doing this now so I usually only go if I have to get something. What about you? Do you ever just go shopping to see what they have without needing to get something?
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• Singapore
26 Jun 07
I don't normally go shopping. Usually I only shop when I happen to be in the vicinity or where there are things I need to buy. But of course, Christmas shopping falls under the latter category.:)
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@pyewacket (44036)
• United States
2 Jul 07
Since my budget is often tight I usually do more browsing in a store than buying...but I always like to maybe buy at least one thing..quite often though, I do need to have a "mission" as to why I recently I really desperately needed new shoes...mine were going to fall I trekked into a lot of the shoe stores near me and did browse about in each store until I found not only one but two pairs was a buy one, get one half a real bargain I thought
@SEOGUY (906)
• United States
1 Jul 07
When I go shopping I am a get in get what I want and check out kind of guy. I hate going shopping with my wife, she will take two hours just to buy herself one pair of SHOES!!!! I can't beleive how some people can look for things for so long. but everyone is different and that is what makes this world so great, devercity!
@d00d00 (827)
• Hong Kong
30 Jun 07
i think it's more fun when you don't know what you're shopping for. i really like it when i don't plan to buy anything, and when i go inside a shop i see something that i really really like, and i end up buying the item. sort of like impulse buying for me. that's more fun. because when you place a goal of buying a certain item, and you end up not finding what you want, it can just be really frustrating.
@321633wy (1795)
• United States
28 Jun 07
I don't like window shopping unless i have something in mind i would like to buy.For me shopping just to look around is so bored and not fun at all.:)
@Lecaro (1105)
• Romania
27 Jun 07
that it depends,.... when i have money i go shopping... but when i don;t have i go jut to watch what is new in stores and to be in touch with the new items :P
• Hong Kong
27 Jun 07
It really depends but I most of the time end up buying something. Even I just want to go to the store to check out stuff and see what they have or what items are on sale out of curiosity, I usually end up buying something. Now I am cutting down my budget and I try really to avoid shopping without goals. These days, if I have something to buy, I would just hit the store and buy the items I need. Otherwise, I won't go to the stores at all.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
26 Jun 07
Sometimes I like to go look shopping usually at Christmas time. I like to look at all the decorations that keep comeing out every year. I also like to look at some of the home decorating and craft stores other than that I just want to go get what I need and come home. Right now it is too hot to go out doing more than getting just hat I need. The heat keeps me drained.