What were your childhood fears?

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June 26, 2007 5:10pm CST
I was afraid of the dark & monsters under the bed and "Mr. Punkin Man" ~ an imaginary scary man with a pumpkin for a head. What about you?
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12 Jul 07
Humm....I'm not really sure. I guess I was afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet. And storms though that didn't come about until I was in grade school and has never left. Other than that I'm not really sure. It's something I might ask my parents though :)
@tina12679 (1126)
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26 Jun 07
I have to give you brief backround on this before i an answere. I moved to the country from a small trailer villiage when i was around 8 or 9 and the nearest neighbor was 100 yard away and there were trees all around our new place and a huge open feild out the front but when we moved there i was friends with the girl up the road and she had lived out there her entire life and when school started in the fall after we moved in we rode the bus together and she told me that i had better be careful because there was a banshee that haunted the peoples houses out there when they are sleeping and that the banshee will come into your room at night and suck your life out when you are sleeping unless you slept with your arms crossed and your legs crossed. Well i was very nieve back then and i believed her whole heartedly so for months maybe even close to a year or better i tried my best to make sure i slet with my legs and arms crossed so the Banhee didnt suck the life out of me when i slept. I am sure that if that friend knew that she had succeeded so well she would be laughing her butt off at me.
@AmbiePam (49472)
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26 Jun 07
I was afraid of the dark, and also I had a fear of what was behind the shower curtain. My dad was watching "Hunter" one night and it happened to be the episode where the suspect was behind the shower curtain. So when Hunter when into the bathroom, the guy jumped out. In fairness, my dad didn't know my sister and I were hiding in the room, but after that, even sometimes still today, when we go into a bathroom, we check behind the shower curtain. LOL