Jamie Oliver Cooking Recipe

@ckj6981 (195)
June 27, 2007 3:43am CST
Hi, anyone out there enjoy Jamie cooking style. I find it much easier than others cookbook. I enjoy his "free-style" cooking which uses alot of herbs & other ingredients to cook up a dish... Anyone tried vanilla ice cream with a pinch of salt & flavor olive oil? I tried, taste different but quite good...
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@fizzytom (759)
• Maribor, Slovenia
27 Jun 07
I haven't tried Jamie's recipe for Olive oil ice crem but I had it in a restaurant a few weeks ago and it was delicious. I also recently had basil ice cream which was also very good - it had an interesting fresh flavour. I like the recipes in Jamie's books where he makes a "bag" and steams chicken or fish in the bag to keep it moist and keep in the flavours - very easy to do and very tasty. It means anyone can prepare tasty and healthy food.
@ckj6981 (195)
• Singapore
27 Jun 07
Yes, I remember that recipe, which I've watched in one of his episode where he teaches a classroom of students on how to prepare them for their senior students.
@twilight021 (2060)
• United States
27 Jun 07
I also like Jamie Oliver's style of cooking. It's very accessable and free-flowing. It makes you feel like it's ok to experiment, and ddeeviate from the recipe. I have used many of his methods for vegatables and meat. I especially liked his herebd porkchops. They were easy to make and cook and tasted great. it's nice to lean about cooking from someone who is so open and not hung up on measuring and "proper" methods. I have not tired the oilve oil and ice cream, but I like both those things so perhaps I will give it a shot.
@Calais (10900)
• Australia
27 Jun 07
I love Jamie Oliver, he is so Cool, and just whacks everything together and makes it look so simple...But when you do it, it really is. He is a legend.
@JanMags (726)
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
i haven't tried that one. in fact i haven't tried any of his recipes. but i am a great jamie oliver fan. i absolutely adore him. my only problem is that i don't have cable so i can't see much of his shows. i used to relish being admitted in a hospital because those were the only times i could watch his shows