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@chrys84 (118)
United States
June 27, 2007 4:46pm CST
I live with a room mate we have been friends for over 7 years. THis is our first year living together. So we finally got the electric bill and it was $95.00 for two months. My friend did't think that was bad but i do. And she makes alot more money than i do and i'm barely making rent and my personal bills. Anyway i know it could be less if she made a few changes. She's always leaving lights on when we're not home, or she'll be watching tv in the living room and have the radio on in her room. Plus she has a fish tank in her room that always has to be on. Another thing is she works nights and i work days so she's home ALL day using most of the electricity. Should i ask that she pay for more than half the bill?
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@banta78 (4334)
• India
28 Jun 07
I feel you should talk with your friend and make her understand that though you vlaue your friendship with her. You really can't afford to have huge electric bills esp. when youe anr less than her. But most imp. one should save electricity and so hopefully she will get the message and stop wasting electricity and if not pay more. But make sure you don't lose your friendship over electricity bills, it's really not worth it.
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• Pakistan
28 Jun 07
Nothing should be shared here in this world. You are living in a common room, in result of which you are facing such problem. Living in a separate room is its solution. Any how if you could not arrange to live separate room then you both should write some conducts of living and sign them. After signing an agreement between you two room mates you will get the way of solution of the problem in question.
• Atlantic City, New Jersey
27 Jun 07
It does not make a difference how long you have been friends- living with someone changes a lot. I've had roomates in the past- and have actually lost some good friends arguing over bills that needed to be paid. If your true friends- sit down and talk with your roomate- does your roomate understand that you make less than them and are barely affording your end of the bills? Sometimes a little communicaiton goes a long way- but I will say this- DO NOT lose a friend of 7 years over house bills- it isn't worth it- even if you have to part ways to preserve the friendship- it will be worth more having them there as a friend in the end.
• United States
28 Jun 07
well i really dont know cause you could make her mad. i'd go behind her and maybe turn stuff off when you see she isnt in the same room. i really would sit down and talk to her and tell her i am haveing problems paying for my bills and ask her if you and her together can find a way to lower them.