Do You Practice The Law Of Attraction?

@eashoor (307)
June 27, 2007 6:31pm CST
Since the movie and book "The secret" Have made a big hit I have been hearing all sorts of fairytales on how people simply wish or think something to reality. I have done some extensive research on the laws of attraction and came to interesting conclusions. The universal laws exist and work but not by simply wishing and hoping. If you have gained from the law of attraction please explain how and what you did to gain what you wanted.
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@rsa101 (15548)
• Quezon City, Philippines
6 Jul 07
I just got to watch it and I can relate to so many things in my life that it really exist and we just don't took notice of the pattern. That's why when I was finally was able to see the movie only then I realized that its in me and I really just to turn to something positive and focus on it. I am so happy that I do have the idea somehow I would like to apply it more on my life not that I am conscious about it and start practicing it.
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@orfeo1 (102)
• Chile
27 Jun 07
i saw "the secret" they change my life, i don't wait at the bus stop, i'm in love with my girlfriend (i was lonely before see it) i attrack prosperity and healthy for me and my family :D is very intresting...
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• United States
15 Nov 09
I am interested in what you have mentioned: "The universal laws exist and work but not by simply wishing and hoping" Please elaborate on this. I also have been really into LOA, I have sensored my life around it as well. I love to hear from others on what they think. It helps generate interesting arguments, thoughts, ideas and so forth. Thanks for sharing.....
@LuluLala (23)
• United States
25 Jul 07
I have never heard of the movie or book but the laws of attraction have been a discussed subject for many years. From my experiences as long as you truely believe with all your heart, and have faith, then what you think can become real. The more you think about it the more you attract it to yourself. But you also have to put your faith into action, just like, you can believe to get pregnent but, there needs to be another variable in there other than just yourself, if you have no mate to mate with, its going to be pretty hard to get pregnent. Therefore you first must set your world up to receive that which you wish to attract. Make it able to happen. If you want a horse, you first must have the room to put the horse, and a stable, and somewhere to keep the hay, etc. When all that is prepared, when you are able to sustain your dream, then your dream can come into reality. Also, you must have much patience, things don't usually just happen the second you think of them. If you want to have a book that gets published, and changes the world, you must first write that book. The Laws of Attraction, also requires that you put your faith into action, which means there is usually some kind of effort involed.
• United States
24 Jul 07
i know it works! i have been a vieing example! i live the Law of Attraction everyday! one example is the three rings. I frequent a local flea market. so one day i found this ring. it had a smll round stone,red in color on a simple thin band. so i thought of my firend and felt it was ment for her. i knew there was a green one for me and a blue one for my other friend. sure enough at differnet places at differnet times the other two rings came otme. all for under 2.00 its a wounderfull thing!
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
Yes it does work. It worked most of the time for me but i will state one experience i could relate to you. Liek today, i went to the bank to cash my checks for today.I didnt have a valid id so i figured how the f*** could i cash the checks without it(since the bank's policy was that youn needed to present a valid ID to prevent identity fraud).So i kinda felt worried but i said to myself "I will just think positively.I wont feel bad and i would feel good.Whatever comes will come".I affirmed it strongly to myself and i felt good while going there.I felt so good it didnt matter to me anymore.So i faced problems with getting my money but as i walked outside the bank, i saw my boss was there and he asked me if i cashed it. I explained to him the situation and my boss told the bank teller to cash it and he signed my check for identification purposes and that was it. My problem solved and i have more money today. Stupid as it sounds, i could bet you a hundred thousand dollars it works!!!It's just that the movie and book doesnt go further because tehy only introduce the basics and fundamentals of the law