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June 29, 2007 3:20am CST
we have seen great khali defeated undertaker many times and kane also ,but how can john cena beat him everytime ? is john cena tough enough to beat man like great khali or just wwe is making cena over famous?
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• Philippines
29 Jun 07
We all know that the "E" on WWE stands for ENTERTAINMENT so we also love how the underdogs out wit those big and strong opponents. On WWE most of the fans love Cena so they make the coliseum rock when the Champ is inside the arena. It's what they want to see, the Champ still the Champ. Although, on my part i want to see a new champ, since Cena's been a WWE Champion more than two years , i think we need to see a new face carrying the belt :0)
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
29 Jun 07
Agree 100% Enough with Cena, bring somebody else, thw WWE needs a makeover. Benoit's place needs to be filled and that's not going to be easy.
• India
29 Jun 07
great khali is not an american, the reason is as simple as that. No way John Cena can beat Great Khali and it's all stage managed and it's too hard to believe these days... that too, when khali can beat peerless undertaker, why can't he beat not that strong John Cena?
29 Jun 07
Its not because Khali is not an American, its just how the storyline goes. U are an idiot for calling Undertaker peerless, he is the biggest superstar in WWE asnd Khali will never have anything on Undertaker, yeah he has beaten Undertaker, but that is a storyline. Undertaker can beat Cena and Khali anytime, Tsaker waas the only one who could get Khali ove the top rope at the Rumble,, and he can beat him anytime.
29 Jun 07
I do believe though, that Cena is far too over glorified and think he should loose it to someone.
• Faridabad, India
30 Sep 14
@firstcontact1990 jone is a honest athlist
@shyamlal (3538)
• India
5 Jul 07
Cena is just a rapper..he got very little wrestling knowledge and skills ...but unfortunately WWE is holding him as there prime wrestler...Its like spitting into the legacy of the industry..He is probably the worst wrestler of all time ..I hope they will open the eyes and kick Cena out of the business otherwise they will end up like WCW
• India
30 Jun 07
Don't u know that these matches are already fixed buddy. That's why this impossible thing happened. And stop seeing this WWE. It really is an entertainment program and nothing else. Rest is ur wish.