This story made me sad

June 29, 2007 9:53am CST
I live in Canada and work at an A&W. Anyway there is this new girl. Named Nancy. She just moved to Canada from North Eastern Africa only 8 months ago. On her own without any family. She is only 18 years old. Its sad because she was a refuge and she has no family out here or anything. It made us all sad. She said the place she lived in was very poor and bad. And that she is trying to save up to bring over her mom (her dad passed away) and her 2 younger sisters and an aunt over.
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@mansha (6301)
• India
30 Jun 07
WHy are you feeling sad for her, yes she is unfortunate but see her luck she is already in to charting out a course of her life to better days. How many of the poor and orphans gft a chance there are millions of them who are spread around the world in hope of better future. As we are progressing , I see the gap between rich and the poor increasing.I fear for futture sometimes when poor will not be able to take it all anymore and will rebel. The girl you know is on her path but there are many for whom this migration is still a dream and poverty is a reality they live every day. In India we have seven people sharing a six by six room and slums so narrow that only one person can walk at a time. kids die of malnutrition every day. I often feel if we could have a facility where at least home less could spend their nights and get a meal what a wonderful day it would be.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
29 Jun 07
That is very sad. I feel sorry for her also. Maybe she will be okay now since she has you for a friend to talk to and possibly help her out. I hope she can get her mom over with her and her sisters and aunt. that is a very bad situation for them. I will pray for her and wish her good luck with it.
• Philippines
29 Jun 07
This is a sad story but this is common in the Philippines as well so it doesnt surprise me anymore. Shes even lucky that shes already in Canada. At least she can help her family rise up from poverty. A lot of people live in poverty here in the Phils. and they dont even have the money to leave the country in search of greener pastures but most of them are willing to leave their families behind to earn more money and help their families. Theyre not really whole heartedly willing but they dont have a choice. I guess this is just how life goes.
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
29 Jun 07
Hi aleeming1, That's too bad, unfortunately there are sad stories everywhere we go, I try myself to do anything if it's in me, to help in any way to people in need, and if not possible somebody else will do. Like a saying I heard once "If it's a problem to hard for you to handle, maybe it's not your problem" But nice things will come for that young lady, don't worry. Be happy !!