pregnant and need advice

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October 24, 2006 7:28pm CST
91 olds cutlass calais died while driving down the road, acts like it is being choked out or not getting any gas wen there is half a tank just replaced the alt. from pap and charged the battery it just wont start or if it does it dies wen i put it in gear what could it be?????
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@lynnemg (4539)
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3 Sep 09
I had a car that did this before. I rebuilt the carburator, changed fuel filters, changed the transmission screen, I did everything i could possibly think of and nothing fixed it. Finally, I dropped the gas tank to drain it and see if maybe there was another filter in it. Now, I had a tank that had a spring to prevent things from being put in the tank, but when the tank was drained, cut grass had been stuffed into it and when the gas would begin to flow to the engine, the gradd would choke it out every time. I could let it sit for a while, it would start again after everything settled, but then, the ssame thing would happen. So, if you have checked and changed your fuel filters, I would suggest checking the tank itself.
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1 Sep 09
What you need to check is your fuel pump, or fuel filter. I would check the filter first, because that would save you alot of money if its the problem, but if its the pump, you might as well replace them both ( filter, & pump).
@stezieb (2185)
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25 Oct 06
im not sure what you being pregnant has to do with anything but i cant help you with anything about cars im a total computer nerd. my post is basically pointless come to think of it.
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25 Oct 06
I am not really sure about a 91 olds, but I had a dodge spirit and it was a filter close to the gas tank that was stopped up and had to change it. Also, the spark plugs where way off and had to get them changed too. Good Luck.