What do u think which one u have to study parents choice or your choice?

July 2, 2007 6:00am CST
If there is a suitation in your home that your parents wants u to study of their choice & u are not atall interested in that subject & u are interested in other subject & u want to take of ur choice. which one u will take parents choice or your choice? what do u think which one is best for u? U will choose your parents choice bcoz they think good for u & they will b right & they have good experience in life than u or u will choose your choice bcoz u r interested in that & u believe that you will b success if u take of your interest subject?
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@alokkarn (123)
• India
2 Jul 07
I will choose my own subject and convince my parents that i can succeed only if the subject interests me. I cannot afford to fail in life because of a wrong decision. However I would also keep an open mind to see that i do not take a wrong decision and repent for life. It is a sensitive issue and I would have to be very careful.