asthma cured!!! you should try this...

July 6, 2007 3:40pm CST
since my highschool life i always have been attack by allerrgens,,everywhere i go whatever the temperature is!but a friend told me to takepure honey 3 times a day after meal...and i no longerhave attacks...but first you got to be sure that it really is purehoney...besides it was said to be the gods food...
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
6 Jul 07
Thanks for the advice. I love honey. I have asthma and allergys as well. I will try it and post back to let you know if it helped.
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@ryanphil01 (4186)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
It should be appreciated that Honey as natural food is delicious to eat. It has many curative effects too. It has tremendous positive effects on human body.There are various other aspects that have been proved by scintific research. Due to the main components fructose and glucose, and due to the high osmotic pressure (osmotic value) of these monosaccharides, honey as a carbohydrate food is rapidly and directly absorbed into the blood. Therefore it supplies energy very quickly to the various organs, muscles, brain, etc. I found out too, that a mixture of black pepper powder, honey and ginger juice in equal quantities, when consumed thrice daily help to relieve the symptoms of asthma. Just some precautions to be taken before using honey: - Honey should not be mixed with hot foods. - Honey should not be heated. - Honey should not be consumed when you are working in hot environment where you are exposed to more heat. - Honey should never be mixed with rain water, hot and spicy foods, and fermented beverages like whisky, rum, brandy etc, ghee and mustard. - Honey includes nectar of various flowers of which some may be poisonous. Source:
@gmakesmoney (2923)
• United States
24 Jul 07
Honey is used in a lot of different remedies for asthma. Often times it is mixed with onions and garlic and is to be taken daily. I have tried all of those but none worked for me. However lately apple juice has made a huge difference for me.
@okwusman1 (2249)
• Abuja, Nigeria
16 Jul 07
bluelightmi2, thanks for sharing this remedy for asthma. my wife is asthma sufferer, i will try the remedy if it will work. thanks
@mycharm88 (2292)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
Hello Bluelightmi2!!! Wow! Thank you for sharing this here, i'm happy for you my friend, so nice of you to share this info specially those who have asthma. My brother and 2 sisters have asthma and my 5 month old neice too. I just hope this will work for them too. Take care and i hope your asthma is gone for good...