How to believe in all online ads about earnings

Earning more money - How to get into the site details,informations which are accurate and believable
July 7, 2007 1:10am CST
Everyone needs an extra penny. Either to satisfy his wants or needs or his family members. Now that the world has lot of opportunities to earn sitting at home, people prefer their free time too to utilize in earning methods. But how far all the advertisement placed in various sites are geniune? How to believe? There are few who needs intial payments and there are few with certain procedures to be followed, Many complaints finally that they dont receive payments cause the companies ends up telling that either they have violated their policy or in data entry sort of works- they have found errors. What will we do if things ends up this way? Can anyone share with me the geniune sites which offers data entry offline works who pays on dot after the work, either on monthly basis or on every project ends. Can anyone share with me the online simple job methods wherein which too much technical knowledge is not involved and the payment is through without much problems. Pls share your views
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@subathra (3519)
• India
8 Aug 07
Very good post indeed! while surfing for some online or offline jobs we could see so many job sites which attracts us to join.some requires free registration while some demand payment in the form of registration. I have joined a site where i paid some sum towards fees and worked so hard for nearly 2 months.When i approached them for payment throug mail, i got no reply and even after continous emails from my end , i didnt receive a single mail from the company from whom i got so many mails to join with them before payment of fees. This has made me caution to enquire thoroughly with the person who is working for that site before joining.
@Neriz69 (1042)
• Philippines
8 Aug 07
I believe in this online business, the thing is yuou cannot get rich quick in these business. If you join any group that is free then it will really take you some time to get a payout. This free sites requires time and perseverance. They are not get rich quick. You need to get active referrals in order to get paid faster. It will take you at least a year or two to get enough active referrals before you can get paid like $10 to $20 a day. If you want it fast there are sites that you need to pay around $40 to $50 and they guarantee return of investment within the month. I haven't tried the paid ones, it's just too expensive for me.
@NeoComp (1320)
• United States
26 Jul 07
Yeah I agree sometimes they are hard to believe. Most of them are scams. But some of them are real. The best way to find the real ones is to talk to people online who are making money and show you payment proof. Also people who can explain in detail how to make money will help you earn cash.
• Singapore
7 Jul 07
You may want to check out my blog on sites that offer earning money online. All the programs stated in my blog are free to join. The link is in my profile. So far, I have received payments from adbux.
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
7 Jul 07
Hello sruthisure, I think this is a very important discussion that you have started. Like you and me,I think are many more people waiting for answer to these questions. Today there are so many paid sites and it becomes scary and confusing whether to trust them and give out our true personal informatoin online. You never know what is truth and what is fraud. I am also looking for some trust worthy sites....I hope you will get some good responses and I will also get some information from them. So let's wait and see what our friends have to say about this....have a nice day.....