Wine tastings...have you ever been to one?

Glass of wine - Can you just take a sip?
United States
July 7, 2007 5:53am CST
I'm not a drinker so I've never been to a wine tasting but even if I was I don't think I would attend one. I don't get the whole idea of it. It seems strange to think of a bunch of people sitting around taking sips of different wines. I realize there are a lot of different kinds of wine and they all have unique tastes but I personally would probably end up getting drunk very fast...even when I did drink! When I hear of one I always wonder if any of them got drunk while tasting. As far as I know you are only supposed to sip each one but I always picture someone who is a real drinker taking more than just sips!Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Did the alcohol affect you at all? How did the other people react after a couple of "sips"?
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