How do you know if your depressed!

United States
July 8, 2007 8:28pm CST
I have never really been that happy go lucky person, and i been a loner for a while. I started to have friends in high school. Mainly cuz i slept at every chance i had in the pervious grades as well as carry it out into high school during free periods. But i was confronted about being depressed at a doctors appointment upon complaining that i am soo tired all the time. Aside from living off of a busy street and the yelling of pimps and hoes all night into the morning doesnt help. But the fact that i a not all jibber and all smiles is that depressing or the tiredness. I do work in a hospital and the needyness is really draining on the mind, body and spirit. What should i be asking myself. I do know that i am not at all happy but is this just a phase. Most of my unhappyness comes from fiancial stress but if i really had to hash it out, all my bills do get paid. Sometimes i am able to pay more on bills than the minimum. So what the hell is my problem? I really dont want to hear about getting away as its hard with the work schedules. I do enjoy staying busy and helping others. But i do try to make it a point to make 3 trips a year. That cant be too bad can it? I am sure its the need for more excitement but the tiredness permits me not to over exsert myself. What to do?
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