I have $1 to share to my 5 new referrals

@juandy (47)
July 9, 2007 1:01am CST
Hi there, I want to give incentives to new referrals that sign up under me... Here are the options : 1. Sign up under me and sign up 1 offer then I'll give you $0.10 2. Sign up under me and sign up 2 offers then I'll give you $0.15 3. Sign up under me and sign up 3 offers then I'll give you $0.20 Here are the terms: You must really join this program and be active, don't cheat coz I'll put you in my blacklist, and You'll never get a chance to get anything from me forever.. Hurry, coz I only have $1 for now to share to you, If you have already signed up, claim your rewards by adding comments here by giving your USERNAME, EMAIL, and E-GOlD ACCOUNT After evaluating for a week I'll give you your share throug E-GOLD (REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE E-GOLD Account) If you have received from me, please testify so that others would be confirmed that this is real... I'll check this thread every 2 days, so be patient... Imagine you have double rewards, ones that you get from me, and the other you get from the PTC sites... :) Here's the link : http://globalcashclicks.com/paidto/home.php?ref=juandy
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@owlwings (39601)
• Cambridge, England
9 Jul 07
Read the guidelines. This post is illegal.
@juandy (47)
• Indonesia
13 Jul 07
OK... I'm sorry, anyone who's interested in my offers please send me a private message... :)