I play various good roles in life

Different roles of life - Too good to perform different roles successfully
July 9, 2007 2:22am CST
I never thought when i was young that i'll groom into a balanced personality who is cable of performing different types of roles successfully in all walks of my life, hats of to my great "parents" who have guided and brought me up with good knowledge of life. Today i'm a good wife, a lovable mom, a dutiful daughter, an affectionate sister, funny aunty, strict teacher, awesome employee and lot lot lot. I work as a part timer in my company where i served a full time employee, due to my personal commitments of taking of my young daughter and me shifted recently away from city the necessity of me reaching home before my daughter reaches from school made to take this decision, i was planning to quit as part times are not entertained by the company policy, but to my surprise, when i submitted my resignation, an open choice was in front of me from my boss to carry on as a part timer if i'm comfortable at, I was happy to hear that my performance has impressed the company and the company in turn offers me my convenience and so am i happy working at office and making a perfect home maker. I'm too good a wife says my husband, as i learnt the art of modern and traditional cooking from my great mom. so i always impress his taste. I'm a person who is organised in nature so i keep my home too organised well. Neat and clean intact. My daughter is very happy with me as a mom, i teach her lessons,music,dance and sports in which i'm an expert. With friends all says that i'm a "special person". I do take care of their problems as mine and i always be good to any human in general then what to speak of my good friends. With relatives i accept and adapt quickly there by adjusting well and mixing well with everyone according to their taste, right from young age to old age. I feel very proud today looking back the successful way i perform my roles, I'm thankful to god for making me a lovable person with all good talents
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