When Life Plays With You.. Or Do You Really Think It's Just Bad Luck?

July 11, 2007 7:56am CST
do you ever get the feeling that "life" is playing with you? or is it just all coincidences? like you studied so hard in school, then failed because you forgot to follow instructions.. like you woke up intentionally very early in the morning so you won't be late for school - but because there's traffic, you became so late. like you dressed up really well for an occassion, then you stumbled on a puddle. like you tried to surprise your loved one with gifts because it's your anniversary, then caught him/her kissing someone else that very day? bad luck or just meant to be?
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@rsa101 (16746)
• Quezon City, Philippines
16 Jul 07
I used to believe in that before but when i attended a seminar in our office we came to a discussion something like that where there is this thing the law of attraction where it said that what you are today is the sum results of all your choices you chosen in the past all the "bad luck" you have was all because you attracted it to come to you. The only solution to that is to think positive and positive things will go and follow you. So I try to be positive always so that all the things you like to happen will materialize. It is really hard to explain it here actually. Watch the DVD "The Secret" It tells you pretty much about what I am saying.
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• China
11 Jul 07
yes,you tell a true thing.sometimes life tell a joke on us.when i was a high school student,i dont like to be a teacher,so when i take the exam to the university,i said no to the teacher major.fortunately,i passed it.but after my graduation .i find it hard for me to choose a job if i dont like to be a teaher,.so i changed my goal, and was a teacher.since i was not a teacher majoy on my graduations certificate, so i can not work in the city,and we cannot get well paid. now, i begin to have a idea that find another job except a teacher. hehe
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
well, i think sometimes things just happens for a reason, maybe not only because of bad luck.. but because what we wanted in life has not happened to us yet and we will immediately jump into conclusions. :)
• India
17 Jun 08
well, things that are not planned are called accidents. and since, to err is human, accidents are bound to happen. so personally i feel that it is bad luck. it may be just harsh or at times too harsh. definitely it depends on your luck factor how you jump these hurdles.
@cncoke (439)
• China
17 Jun 08
Yes,I think sometimes "life"is really playing with me. One day,all the teachers(I am a teacher.)were asked to staff in a certain school.I remembered it rained hardly that Saturday morning.When we got to the school,I was all wet and very cold,though it was summer and the weather was warm.I had to take off my socks.It was my turn to make a lecture,so I made the speech without my socks.I think I was very shamed.