Which do you perfer Name Brand, Generic, or even both food products?

United States
July 12, 2007 1:37pm CST
I buy mostly Generic brands of foods. Like Mac & Cheese, Sodas,Poptarts,Cereal and much more. Although there are some Name Brands I get of certian foods. I also buy Name Brand foods as well. Like Chili,Syrup,Tea,Tuna, and a few more. I know that there is a bit of a difference in pricing.But there are just certian items I will not go generic on. My husband tells me all the time it tastes the same for less money. I tell him that it taste different to me and I only buy a few things Name Brand. But I try to catch them on sale so it is not that expensive. Which do you perfer to buy Name Brand or Generic or Both?
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31 Jul 07
Lately I haven't actually been going with my mother to food shop so she bring whatever she's going to cook.
@brendakaya (2335)
• United States
13 Jul 07
I actually buy both. It just depends on what the item is. Some generics are better than others, so I'm usually willing to give it a try once, and if I like it, I'll buy it again. If not, I won't. If the name brand is not much higher, and it's something I really like, I'll usually get the name brand.