rashes - rashes from my neck
@Zelmarq (11503)
Cebu City, Philippines
July 12, 2007 8:55pm CST
hmmmmm, I am really under the weather these past few days. I have recovered from a 3 day fever and what now? Surprise! I can see rashes starting from my neck and I see it climbing to my face and see a few moving down to my arms and now my stomach is with rashes already. Wow!, they are itchy, I dont know where they came from but I hope this is noting serious. They are not like those big and burning ones but its like very tiny ones and a little bit itchy. I have noticed this after the fever. I remember having something like this when I was in college after I have done all the revisions of my thesis. The next day i had rashes all over my body. This is much much more lighter than that though. Im claiming Psalms 23 and I know God will heal what ever is this that is coming out of my body. Have a nice day to all!
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@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
13 Jul 07
are you on any sort of medication? i had some sort of infection and got meds, then had an allergic reaction to the med, i broke out in hives (they are raised patches - usually round and can get as large as dinner plates) it got so bad that it began to affect my breathing - i have asthma...so i ended up going to emerg and getting an iv of bennedryl and a few other things...it was nasty! hey i am a christian too, but sometimes you need to go to a dr...why do you think GOD gave them the smarts to do that? so they could take of the sick!
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@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
13 Jul 07
yes, the doctor gave me antibiotics and the problem was that i was not able to tell her i have allergies. I gues this has to do with the antibiotics that i was taking. I pray these rashes would go away.