@milfea (519)
July 14, 2007 12:26am CST
I have always been excited about my thesis. Since it concerns something that really interests me, I seem to be so full of zeal for it. Recently, though, I seem to have lost a great deal of the excitement that I used to have. Maybe because I've been working on it for ages already. My friends tell me that I just need to finish my M.Sc., and not receive anything really grand because of it. But I am just trying to fill what's empty. I have always been thinking that venturing into cancer biology would be living in a dream, but being a student in this side of the world where there are only a few who show genuine concern over this serious matter is like struggling in a nightmare. I'm kind of desperate, but I can't lose hope. I will not lose hope. Are you holding on to something that seem to be impossible? Or maybe not really impossible, just hard to get.
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@vonn1378 (706)
• Philippines
14 Jul 07
I'm holding to a situation that seem so impossible. It is different from yours, but I keep on hagging on and believing that someday soon I can have it. Though there are lot of complications that might come on the way I don't feel tired waiting for it. For I know right time will come that I can have it though it may be impossible but I keep on trusting that things would work out as I expect it to be. So Milfea, as students you still have a lots of trials to meet but keep on trying and patience as well for there is a silver linings behind the clouds.
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@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
15 Jul 07
Yes, I have this goal that just keeps on flashing through my mind. its kinda personal, about my growth in the Lord and to bear fruit, fruit that will last but I dont knwo whtas keeping me from having one person to concentrate on. There are lots of seeds planted but theres no one soul of concentration. I hoe I could get it , maybe be I should exert more effort and finally harvest.