The greatest profession of all

July 14, 2007 11:31pm CST
One day during my colleges years, while I was walking, my friend ask me " What do you think is the greatest profession of all"?. I paused, thinked for a while then answered " doctor". She said "why"?. I said " because it saved people's lives from illnesses and maybe be death". My friend smiled and started telling me a story. After hearing her story, I got to know then what is the greatest profession of all and of course' it is also a noble one. Hope after reading the story, you will also knew what it is? Here is her story............. A doctor, an engineer, and a teacher died altogether in an accident. While in heaven, San Pedro said "One of you will go back to earth to continue his life and his work". He continue " You discuss among yourself who will that be". Then San Pedro left. The doctor said " I should be the one who will go back to earth for my work is very much important. Many people will die if I am not there". The engineer answered " No i should be the one because I'm the one who builds all the building that you can see around you". The teacher who is just listening to them, smiles and look at them, then said "If that's the case, I think that I should be the one who should go back to earth and continue my work".For without me, there will be no doctors and engineers on earth. For I am the one responsible why you become what you are now". The doctor and engineer thought on what the teacher said and agree with him.
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@lucy67 (819)
• China
18 Jul 07
i'm very glad to see this discussion coz i am a teacher. i'm pround of my work and happy to learn others also think it is the greatest profession.
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
i couldn't agree more... teaching is definitely the greatest profession of all... even Jesus was a teacher...
• Indonesia
15 Jul 07
I think before you said what is the answer, I have already know that teacher is the greatest profession of all. Because without teacher that teach us many things (knowledge, math, science etc etc). There will be no doctor, engineer or even president. Teacher is actualy the real hero of our life. The hero without medal but always have the honor
@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
Yup, that's's not the teachers per se who are great but the's the noblest because it is in the classrooms that great minds and people were produced; without the teachers, there will be no professions...actually I responde this way to a discussion asking about the noblest of all professions...Of course there are teachers who are crooks and incompetent....but we are not talking about any particular teachers...we are discussing about the PROFESSION, and I guess teaching is it...
@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
15 Jul 07
They are all great professions coz one wont do without the other. Its like a part of a body, one should be there to function as a whole.