Degenerative quality of mylot discussions

@CatNPK (461)
United States
July 18, 2007 11:42am CST
I have not been a part of myLot for very long. During my short time here I have seen discussions that range from one sentence questions to detailed discussions. All too many times, the apparently good detailed discussions are copied and pasted - as are many of the replies to the one sentence questions. It seems that the original purpose of myLot was to create an online discussion database with a taste of forums, while encouraging quality posts through payment. In reality of course, the creators of myLot make money with each new page we load as the site is fairly inundated with advertisement. The partial pennies per post that users get are a throwback from the advertisement money. The site has grown tremendously, and keeping up with monitoring the site must be a formidable task. This is why myLot users themselves are incredibly important, because it is up to us to self-monitor. We do this by ensuring that our own posts and replies are genuine, and by reporting posts or replies that go against myLot rules. This is a plea to everyone who uses myLot: Please help in the effort to keep this site clean and useful while remaining fun to use. The vast majority of "discussions" are simple questions to garner simple responses. Does this really serve any purpose except attempting to make more money? Instead of the same user posting a string of 8 questions as separate discussions, that user would make as much - if not a lot more - money with one quality discussion. A note on copying and pasting: Many questions posted on myLot are easily answered with a simple google search. I often do that google search to look for information when a question stirs my curiosity. Finding that the first site or two that pop up contain the exact text used among responses from myLot users is - frankly - embarrassing. So please, use myLot the way it was intended. Don't post for postings sake - it will not make money in the long run. Quality discussion and quality responses will make you a lot more money - and you will not risk losing it when someone reports you. Last but not least: If English is not your first language and you attempt your best, this is great. I congratulate you. But to all of you - do use grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability! Reread your posts after writing them, and if you have above 500 posts use a word processor and then copy/paste into myLot. Thank you all! Let's keep this site clean :)
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
18 Jul 07
I don't think that there is anything wrong with copying and pasteing infromation that you get from and search into an answer to a question as long as you admit that it what you did and paste the information that you want to reference in quote form.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
18 Jul 07
These sound like good suggestions. I do not like copying and pasting, preferring to give the link. I do not like silly questions that are so ridiculous that "even a caveman can answer them." Some of the posts from the non-English born people are hard to understand and they certainly do not use a thesaurus or a dictionary. What I also hate is the fear mongers, usually from India, who post medical or pseudo medical information that tells the worse that can happen if a certain course is followed, like one about cellphones causing radiation and cold water causing heart attacks, followed by a vivid description of a person in horrendous pain complete with the physical description of what would happen. I should use my word processor as I get sick and tired of backing up, and deleting the words. However I would like the bad word checker to work so that it sees the word in the context. For instance, I could quote that song by Tommy Jones, 'What's new P=-=--y cat" but I cannot do that, just as I cannot quote that a dirty old man was talking about a young girl's p====y and yet only the last phrase is considered obscene.