Drinking and driving

July 19, 2007 2:02am CST
It was just on the news this morning here in the UK that they are considering a zero alcohol level for young drivers. Personally I'm in favour of a zero limit for ALL drivers as driving while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) is one of the main causes of driving related deaths in the UK. At the present, the law in Britain allows a person to drive as long as the blood alcohol is not above a certain level (I forget what it is) However, I believe that drinking any amount will affect the reactions and perceptions of a driver and that the only safe level is zero. That makes it very simple for the police, if someone has taken a drink and then drives, then they have committed an offence. I belive that the Scandinavian countries have had this sort of zero tolerance policy towards drinking and driving for many years.
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1 Aug 07
Hi i totally agree with no one has a good enough excuse to drive after drinking even a little bit we need have a zero tollerance approch to drink driving for everyone not just under 21's There are so many people who say I didnt know i was over the limit a zero limit would stop that. the current limit is 35mil but no one gets prosecuted below 40mil which is stupid if the law is 35 then you should get done at 36mil Same with speeding, You can get a ticket for speeding unless you where doing 10% above the speed limit + 4mph so doing 37mph is a 30 is ok accoring to English law.