Dr. Brice Vickery

July 19, 2007 6:28pm CST
Hi everyone I am fortunate not to be affected by the fibromyalgia syndrome/ disease I have however been actively researching the topic since two of my friends have been diagnosed FMS. I recently found many web-sites listing research by Dr. Brice Vickery, with claims that he has found the causes and possible cures for what he calls a diseases (and not a syndrome). Have any of you looked at his research, or know of anybody who has attempted his treatment?
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@patgalca (14557)
• Orangeville, Ontario
20 Jul 07
I have fibromyalgia. I am affiliated with several fibromyalgia organizations and receive newsletters from both Canada and the U.S. To be totally honest with you I have never heard of Dr. Brice Vickery. I will do some searching online about him. I think if there were a cure found for fibromyalgia it would be spreading far and wide and people would be lining up for that cure. So many people claim to have the "cure". There is no cure because there are so many different parts of the body affected. It is an autoimmune disease as well as a neurological disease. I know what may have contributed to my getting fibromyalgia and I mentioned it to a new doctor this week and he said, "That's one theory but it has yet to be proven." I will do a search on this doctor but, like I said, there is no cure for fibromyalgia. Lots of treatments that affect every individual differently because every individual IS different. We all have different chemical/body make-ups. What works for one person may not work for another. What gives on person terrible side effects may not give others one single side effect. When someone finds a cure, we'd definitely be hearing about it... and not on a myLot message board, or any other message board.
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• United States
22 Apr 09
I was a little stunned to come across these comments about there not being cure for Fibromyalgia. Conventional medicine has no cure. That is not the same as it being incurable. I also had Fibromyalgia, completely recovered, and went on to help others recover. I can't tell you how many times I spoke to FMS support groups and received a very hostile reception. It seems logical that if there were a way to recover everyone would want to know about it, but the sad truth is that's not necessarily the case. Recovery is not easy and requires a complete and total life change. That is more than many are willing to undertake. But the arrogance of people who emphatically state untruths such as: there is no cure, it is an autoimmune disease or a neurological disease. It is not classified as either an autoimmune or a neurological disease. Those who insist there is no cure (because their doctor said so) are as bad as those who insist there is a miracle cure. Neither are correct, but you can get well.
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14 Aug 09
I have been treated by Dr. Brice Vickery. I am cured of Fibromyalgia. Formerly I would have been trying to spread the word all over and hoping to help others but I am just happy that I was open-minded enough to find someone who really knows what he is doing and happy for the final cure. I am completely pain-free and symptom-free now. I am not trying to get anyone to try his protocol. I simply am done with that sort of thing. I wish all the other sufferers out there good luck with your pain killers and anti-depressants. I feel sorry for you.
• United States
3 Feb 10
I've had fibromyalgia for years. I was officially diagnosed 6 years ago and have had my diagnosis reconfirmed by two other specialists (a rheumatologist and an internal medicine doctor) since then. I just want to put my fibro "credentials" out there since I see at least one post asserts that some fibro sufferers are simply "lazy" and have not been diagnosed with the illness. I wonder if they themselves have FM since that's often the response of people who have never lived with this DISEASE. ;) I came across several websites that make claims on Dr. Vickery's miracle cure for FM. I decided to check it out for myself and had an hour and a half long conversation with Dr. Vickery the other night by phone. He is very unconventional in his methods (from a Western medicine perspective) but was very kind and compassionate and gave freely of his time to a total stranger. This is much more than I have ever received from any of my doctors! I am still grappling with the idea of following his protocol because it will take a lot of work and a complete overhaul to my diet and lifestyle, but I would encourage others to check out his website and have a conversation with him for yourself. Following his protocol does require purchasing his supplement program, but he didn't push it AT ALL when I talked to him. He simply said "here's the information... think it over, talk it over with your husband, and I am here if you decide this is the right thing for you." --Jodi Leberknight, Ohio