friendship ruin over friends suitor....

July 20, 2007 1:24am CST
hey guys, would you like to give me a piece of your idea with these see i used to belong to a peers or group of friends but i parted ways with them just because of this stupid guy.this guy court one of our friends but because i'am concern with my friend i told to her my opinion in regards w/ the guy.i really dont like the guy for my friend not because i like the guy but because i found out the guy is having a bet with other guys in regards with him courting my friend.i told them about it but my other friends simply dont believe me,until it begin to get between us and affecting everyone of to avoid further discussions/fights with them i just walk out from the group.i have loved them for were all like sisters to one another,it hurt me a lot.were in good terms now but the relationship between them and me were not like it used to be for i have a new set of friends now and i still felt betray of what happened.
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@sid556 (31003)
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20 Jul 07
That whole "bet" thing with guys is a reality. Guys really do bet amongst each other about getting with certain girls. My first husband asked me to marry him on a bet. My friend got asked to get married on a bet. More recently, my friends daughter got asked to date on a pregnant and they are miserably married. I do not understand this code of thought but it really does happen and more than we would care to beleive.