Is there anyone you are pissed off even at the sight of them?

July 20, 2007 11:41am CST
Well, I am really pissed off at my boyfriends mother. She is like a human encyclopedia for all things. She can tell you reasons for stuffs that she strongly stands. She is a small time business woman and very persistent in selling her products. she even make up stories or mutate a story so that her clients will believe and buy. recently my boyfriends family put up a business, so without nothing to do I helped. She has a limited knowledge in the business that has just put up but she keep on insisting that she knows a lot. Its just like she is in the real estate business, and trying to steal your skateboard selling business which she claims she can ride... So today even at the sight of her make me whaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaa.... irritation sets and my nostrils go big and smokin. by the way she still owes me money... like $200...
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• Malaysia
22 Jul 07
lol..yeah..there are a couple of people at work that i just can't stand, even with just a look :P i know it's bad and i shouldn't feel that way, but i can't help it. there's one colleague who is so busybody and has such an annoying laugh and thinks that he's all that. a lot of people at work don't fancy him that much too, and we dislike his presence at work haha. ugh, hate him. .
• United States
21 Jul 07
Yes i agree, just recently there have been some people that i just cant stand! And its not like they have done something bad to me. Well at least not that i know of! Maybe i can just sense the crazies and i just dont like it! I think the ones that i just cant stand are like childish grown folks. I swear it makes me wanna smack someone! I wouldnt wanna name names but omg i just wanna spit i am so digusted! I feel like i need help! Someone pray for me!