OMG! I just had the craziest dream! I got stabbed, and it actually hurts...?

United States
July 22, 2007 2:22am CST
You have GOT to hear this! Well, for the past three years, I have been dreaming of my ex fiance. He killed himself three years ago, becuase I left him for another man, but that's another story. Well, in every dream I have had him in, he is always trying to run after me to hurt me. I have been fortunate enough to get away from him, until just now in my latest dream. He caught me and stabbed me right in the top of the shoulder with a knife. I instantly awoke with pain in my shoulder! My husband says it is my subconscious mind. He also said I was sleeping on my shoulder, but I was laying on my OTHER side. But, if I can do that with my subconscious mind, what if he actually kills me next time?!? Will I die? This is NOT one of my joke posts, I am serious, and need your comments. My heartbeat was racing when I awoke. What if I end up giving myself a heartattatck in my sleep because he kills me in my dream? This is the craziest thing that has ever happened to me! I mean, for real, it actually hurt when I awoke! Has this happened to anyone else, or just me? Tell me all your thoughts on this. Don't just say, "I think you are feeling guilt for his death," because I know I am. But what can explain why I literally felt the stabbing? I mean, I felt the blade go in and it was soooo real!
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
23 Jul 07
Wow, thats kind of freaky and interesting at the same time...It must be a real scarey episode for you..
@sexymuma (1261)
23 Jul 07
if this dream is still haunting you after 3 years i feel that maybe you should get some professional help to help you deal with the way that he killed himself as it is still affecting you subconsiously. then maybe you will get that peaceful night.because the more you have this dream the bigger your angsioties are xx
@rosie_123 (6118)
22 Jul 07
Well dreams can be so real - I've often dreamt I was in pain, and it was so vivid I woke up convinced that part of me was hurting. I would try not to dwell on this one too much - though it was obviously scary and worrying. But - of course you're not going to die if it happens again - it was only a dream! I'm not going to say it because you already know you have this "guilt" thing, but I'm sure that is what's causing this. I don't mean to be rude or intrusive. but have you ever had counselling about this? What happened to you would stress and upset anyone, and sounds like the whole thing is playing on your mind, and you may need to get some proper closure, and confront the issues that are playing on your mind and causing these dreams.
@muscare (3069)
• Australia
22 Jul 07
I have actually had a dream where a part of me is injured, and have found myself to be laying on it. I have also dreamt that I drowned, where I sunk towards the bottom of the ocean and all faded to darkness, but thankfully I woke up, and even better was that I didn't have my lungs full of water, lol! The mind is very powerful, especially in your case when you actually felt the stabbing so deep, but I don't think you will actually die from a dream!
@vickyjun (35)
• China
22 Jul 07
How horrible the dream is!But it's just a dream,I think. May be you are too tired or someting else. It should be a illusive.
• United States
22 Jul 07
Dreams can be so very real, and in a sense they are. Your mind travels where it will while you are sleeping, but as time passes you will visit these thoughts less and less.. three years is not very long ago...Dreams are free, make new ones!