Are you a Leader or Joiner?

@golfproo (1841)
July 25, 2007 6:30am CST
Hi, We all know that many of us approach situations differently. Some of us take control of a situation and start organizing others to help. Other people look for that leader to start to organize and join and follow. Which are you? Are you a leader or a joiner?
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• Switzerland
1 Aug 07
More of a joiner, I guess. But when no one wants to lead or the group seems not to be getting anywhere, I take charge and take the lead.
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@Rozie37 (15503)
• Turkmenistan
25 Jul 07
For me, it all depends on the situation. If I feel confidant about taking the lead, I will. But, if I feel that I need to see it demonstrated first, then I will wait for someone else to start.
@lynboobsy11 (11346)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
well me, i can be a leader and a follower. if in such situation, i excel at it, i'd rather be a leader tahn a follower. but when i do not excel in such a situation, i can be a good follower.
@argie713 (1809)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
I can't be a leader. I don't have leadership abilities. I just want to join and do my part. Leaders must be responsible and must know how to handle the blame and all the pressure. I can't do that. I just want to do my role and make the team better. I also don't want to control others as it may create conflicts.
@morgandrake (2140)
• United States
11 Aug 07
Well, I would like to be a follower (joiner), but often I find myself being the leader instead. Like a few years ago, a bunch of my friends would talk about how nice it would be part of a study group (they were studying esoteric subjects like the Tarot)--none of them knew one another (me being the common link), so I arranged to get them all into the same room. Next thing, I know everyone is treating me as the leader of the group because I was the one that chose to make the phone calls to get everyone together. It was a large surprise--I didnt realize how easy it was to become a leader without intending to. So I guess that because I have a natural tendency to try to herd cats that I am actually a leader despite the fact that it goes against my own self-image.
• United States
30 Jul 07
I tend to be a follower, preferring not to upset the apple cart. When it comes to my online endeavours, I am definitely a follower. What I mean is that I join a lot of different programs that are proven, following the ones that are successful, rather than leading the charge by joining a new site or creating and owning my own domain!
@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
26 Jul 07
I used to be a Leader, definitely when I was teaching. I was a Co-ordinator of Behaviour Management for two years. Plus, I was a Science leader for a few years, having to run confrences & train other teachers. Nowadays I am not so much a leader, as I don't want the responsibility that goes with Leadership. I guess I am more of a joiner, and only a bit. I did jloin weight watchers two years ago, & this year I became treasurer of it. I will probably be on the committee for my daughters swimming club next year.
• United States
26 Jul 07
I am a leader to the point sometimes that I get very bossy and become a pain in the neck to all concerned (or so I have been told) LOL.
@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
25 Jul 07
Though I have leadership qualities inherent in me ,I try to keep a low profile as I shun publicity.