how do you get your kids to read

United States
July 25, 2007 11:28am CST
i have two girls both love to read but i have a that has a child that is 11 or 12 that hates to read. she just started home schooling him last year and she ends up having to read his work for him cause he just refuses to do it or reads it but just reads it you know and doesnt retain any of it. my kids i have to yell at them to stop reading alot of times lol. i guess it is cause of what i did when they were little. i have never had this issue. do you have any ideas that might help her out though. she has tried finding things that he would like but still nothing. he just refuses to read. he can read we know that much but he isnt very good at it either.
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@sid556 (31000)
• United States
25 Jul 07
Not sure. like you, I always read to my girls when they were young and going to the library was always a fun adventure. I myself am a big reader and always have a good book going. It's never been a problem here really. I do have one girl that really didn't enjoy it like the others but then that turned out to be a matter of finding the right books to intrest her. Could your friends little girl have a learning disability that makes it hard for her to comprehend or retain info.? Dyslexia is very common and can be helped.
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26 Jul 07
Sid I was actually going to say the same thing... My son loves to read he understand what he's reading he's only 8 years old.. Sense he was a baby I've read to him... Now I have a 14 year old sister that hates it and the reason why is because she has a disability and that is Dyslexia.. She was seeing by professionals and thats what they told my mom, she has a hard time understand and comprehending things also.. The school does work hard with her but she just has major trouble.. In time though once she's able she will understand. I think this is exactly what's happening to the poster son of this post.. I hope that made sense.. I would seek some kind of help to make sure thats what it is.. Just my oppion..
@dude007 (63)
• India
25 Jul 07
i have no children but ....we have to make intreset in kids for studying......obviously studying is a boring job for most of us......and afterall they are children we have to take care of it.....they shoul njoy it.....dont make them feel that u r forcing them to study....just feel them that they are njoying and learning something.......and beating them will never be a solution