My wife has a boyfriend

United States
July 25, 2007 6:35pm CST
I figured it out last night. She had a regular bar guest whom she had told me about. He was very kind to her, and us. He worked as a service tech at a car dealership and would perform services on our car - oil changes, tire mounting - for free, except we paid for the parts. He moved away recently, to Atlanta. Yesterday, accidentally, my wife and I swapped cell phones. After work, I saw that she had some missed calls and a voice mail. Thinking she had called me, I checked the numbers and found out that he had called her. He left a message, but I didn;t check it. When I showed my wife later, she said he just called to say "Hi." Well, I confronted her anout it today. I told her that it seemed very odd to me that a former regular customer of hers was calling her - a married woman. We have had some issues in our relationship, but nothing we hadn't been able to work out before. Now, she tells me two things. She said that she has not given me any reason not to trust her, but then again she said she had an emotional connection with him that she has not had with me for awhile. I told her that, although I trusted her relationship with him before, I don't trust it anymore. Last week, I played a joke on one of her friends. Using my wife's phone, I sent a text message that she was going to leave me for this guy. Her friend sent a message back "Whatever makes you happy." If there was nothing going on, wouldn't this hve come as a shock to her friend? Wouldn't she have said something like "Lets go have a drink and talk."? I don't think anything physical happened, but I don't trust my wife anymore. I told her this. I also told her that, like it or not, she had a boyfriend. She promised me she would stop this right now. I am VERY pissed off and hurt right now. I think I'm gonna get drunk at home tonight while she is at work.