Can Google and do this?

@gangus2 (373)
United States
July 26, 2007 3:26pm CST
I have a couple of websites and just like most of you, I am trying to work online at home. I recently visited one of my websites and as I went to the members log-in page I recieved a warning page. linked to a Googel webpage posted a warning page stating that "This site may harm your computer". I went to StopBadware.orgs home page and ran a check on my url with their "Search the Badware website Clearinghouse", I also had the url for the business I am affilated with checked also with their software. There were "0" results found. Now maybe I see things differently, but isn't this a form of "HACKING" a website? The samething that both Google and claim they are preventing? This type of abuse of Googles power and can prevent potential customers to my site and cause them to share this misinformation with their Internet buddies. Can anyone tell my why Google and could not inform me first about their warning page, and why they felt in necessary to post a warning without investigating it first? Thanks for letting me vent, and hope this information is helpful to others. Karen
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