Google and a very Bad idea for Internet Consumers

@gangus2 (373)
United States
July 26, 2007 9:10pm CST
I recently posted an article about Google and and how they placed a "Warning page" to one of my websites informing consumers' that my site "May harm their computer." I went to their homepage where you can place your url to your site in their database to find out if there are potential problems, both my url and the hosting company's url came back with "0" results. I requested an explaination to why the placed a "Warning page" to my site. Have not recieved one but did get a response from a Googles StopBadware group forum. This is his response: Was the link to your site? (It wouldn't be something to do with "", by any chance would it...) Do you really think that StopBadware didn't identify anything on your site without verifying it first... Perhaps it hasn't made it into the clearinghouse yet... Go read my last message in reply to someone who said something similar about not finding anything on their site. So I am guessing that Google and StopBadware can go around and place links (which by the way is Hacking)on a website and claim it "May harm your computer" and not have to show proof. Go to Google's forum groups (StopBadware group) and check out what consumers who have had the samething done to them are saying. Most of them have not recieved a response either. And by the way, it was not that the "Warning page" was linked too. It was linked to my other website and place into the members log-in page. This warning page can result in a loss of revenue from both exsisting members and potentially new ones. I have enformed my hosting company since they stand to loose more than me. They have responded in Thanking me for contacting them.
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