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@syndibee (799)
United States
July 28, 2007 8:53pm CST
ok this discussion is prompted by another mylot discussion about children left unattended dying in hot cars. isn't there something the car industry can do to help alleviate this problem? something to the affect of a buzzer going off if there is a car seat attached in a back seat (back seatbelt still attached when the engine is shut off). this would force a parent to acknowledge that something in the car still needs to be checked, much more important than lights being left on, and the parent has to conscientiously turn off the buzzer in order for it to stop, and if the parent doesn't do so then maybe the car alarm starting to sound to alert people in the area that there is something awry with this car and maybe having a blower automatically turn on in the back seats to help keep them from getting so hot so quickly. in our modern age of technology it really saddens me that nobody has been doing anything actively to try to stop this problem, or if they are trying then they aren't publicizing their attempts. i would love to see such a feature adapted on all new vehicles and eventually the instances of child deaths by being left in a hot car being eliminated or at least drastically reduced. how does one contact the auto industry engineers to get them to implement such a device?????
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@phoebs (22)
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4 Aug 07
I would say the best device to be used in this scenario is " never leave your child in the car, alone". First of all, I against the idea that parent leaving their child in the car alone. Even without hot sun. It is a very dangerous thing to do. Imagine, if there is someone out there stealing children for a living, how easy that he could get that opportunity by just roaming around the parking area. You don't want to feel sorry for this simple mistake.
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